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Resolving conflict wisely

5 July 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV Bruce Burgess shares how he helps people manage conflict using Christian principles, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Psalm 46.

Wesley Family—supporting parents and young children
Today we visit Woodcroft Neighbourhood Centre and see how children aged from birth to five years old and their parents and carers have built friendships and benefited from the activities at the centre, and the support staff that run the programs. Wesley Family Centres run similar programs for parents and young children in community centres around Sydney. 

Bruce Burgess on resolving conflict
Conflict can cause immeasurable pain and separation. Using Christian principles, Christian lawyer Bruce Burgess explains why he set up Peacewise, a ministry that helps people to better manage conflict and restore relationships, rather than escalating tension. Bruce developed Peacewise with other Christian lawyers to help people to resolve conflict before it reached the courts. Bruce draws from the Bible's wisdom to teach people basic skills for dealing with conflict well and early, especially in business contexts. Through learning how to give and receive apologies well, understand different responses to conflict, and embrace forgiveness, Bruce hopes to help people to see conflict as an opportunity rather than a disaster.

Guest performer
Today we welcome Ida Maree, a professional singer and singing teacher from Melbourne who loves to express her art and faith through ballads and worship songs.

Keith's reflection
Today the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Psalm 46, and the concept of God as our refuge. When we seek refuge in him we discover his power in his presence with us. Even though we may be affected by conflict beyond our ability to resolve, we must still put our trust in God, rather than using this world's weapons. In Jesus' death on the cross, we have the ultimate peacemaking act and this helps us to make peace with others. As John Wesley stated, there can be no greater assurance than the knowledge that God is with us.