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The funny side of faith

5 June 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV we wrap up our short series on creativity and the arts by speaking to the comedian James Flavin, look at the Building Dreams Program which encourages people with disabilities to use art as a healing form of expression, listen to Greg Attwells perform the song No Longer Slaves, and continue our study of the Gospel of Luke.

The Building Dreams Program

This week we take a short look at Wesley Mission’s Building Dreams Program. It is run to encourage people with a disability to use painting as a form of self-expression, building up both their skills and self-esteem. This program is a beautiful example of the joy found in creativity.

Special Guest: James Flavin

To finish our two-part series looking at creativity and the arts we hear from James Flavin, a stand-up comedian who is also a leader in a Christian ministry that reaches out to teenagers. Today he discusses how Christian values influence his comedy, and how he uses humour to build a sense of community in listeners. It is a wonderful reminder of the pleasure and purpose of laughter.

Guest Performer: Greg Attwells

Greg Attwells joins us this week to sing the popular song, No Longer Slaves.

Keith’s Message: The Bringer of New Life

This week the Rev Dr Keith Garner examines the account in Luke 7:11-17, when, in an echo of Old Testament events, Jesus raises a grieving widow’s son. This is one of many accounts where we see Jesus reaching beyond boundaries to someone in need. It is His response to the widow which demonstrates how Jesus brought new life and healing to the people who came to Him. The compassion of Jesus is a clear witness of His purpose to bring new life to all those who ask for it.