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The media's influence on culture

11 October 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we take a peek into the ministry of Wesley Building Dreams, we speak to Josh Reid who comes from a background in Christian radio, and we look at the New Testament life of Thomas.

Wesley Building Dreams

This week we explore the ministry of Wesley Building Dreams, a program helping people with disabilities enjoy the act of artistic creation. We hear from Sadami Konchi, an illustrator and portraitist, who helps run the service. As she shares her passion for painting with people who have disabilities, she helps each person in the class find their own love of creativity.

A conversation with Josh Reid

In this episode the Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with Josh Reid, the General Manger of the Christian radio station Pulse 94.1 FM. As a radio professional with an interest in using multimedia as a means of sharing his Christian faith, he talks about the power of the media to influence culture. Through Christian radio people who don’t belong to a church can connect with Christian faith, providing them with a glimpse of Jesus Christ through the ministry of entertainment. He leaves us with the powerful reflection that Christian media has the potential to help prepare people to receive the Gospel message.

Guest performer

Our guest performer this week is the incredibly talented regular contributor, Matt Doeland. Today he sings the beautiful song It’s Your Love.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Thomas

We tend to remember the disciple Thomas from the New Testament as a doubter and yet we often forget that the second half of the story is about a man who overcame his doubt. In this episode the Rev Dr Keith Garner continues his look at New Testament characters with an examination of Thomas’ life. We read from John 20:24-49, where we find Jesus telling Thomas to, “Stop doubting and believe.” We find as the account continues that he was a man who tested Jesus and found truth in Him. He is in many ways an encouragement for all of us, as we move from doubt to faith. Those who followed Jesus were not perfect people who never struggled, but like us they went through their ups and downs, allowing God to transform them into who He wanted them to become.