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The music of Third Day

17 May 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Mark Lee and Mac Powell from popular rock band Third Day and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores John.

Mark and Mac's story
Mark Lee and Mac Powell of award-winning band Third Day reflect on their journey since forming the band after they finished high school in the 1990s. Even in the midst of their early rise to success and fame, they share that their families and their awareness of God's work in their music have kept them grounded and humble. Having blazed a trail for many other bands in sharing the Christian message through music, they reflect that music can reach people in a unique and powerful way, and they share some examples of lives that have been changed through their songs. Their goal is for all to know the hope and abundant life that is to be found in Jesus Christ.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Hospital
Today we hear the story of Peter, who approached Wesley Mission to help him overcome a 20-year alcohol addiction. Peter shares that life following his journey through Wesley Hospital’s drug and alcohol addiction program is fantastic, and he is now training to be an Assistant in Nursing (AIN). He now has more confidence and wants others to see that addictions can be overcome. 

Keith's reflection
As the Rev Dr Keith Garner opens John 17, we reflect on the importance and power of names. This leads us to consider the power of the name of Jesus Christ, which brings with it the good news of grace and forgiveness. As we bear his name as Christians, this brings us hope, protection, salvation and transformation. We are reminded also that this name will one day cause every knee to bow.

Guest performers
Today we’re joined today by speaker, songwriter and worship leader Ryan Day, and also by experienced Gospel singer and worship leader, Miriam Webster.