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Volunteering for Him

18 December 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we talk with Ron Page, a resident/volunteer at Wesley Taylor Village. We also hear from Deb Ezzy-Walton and Craig Gower as they sing ‘New Miracle’.

During the episode, you’ll see the second instalment of the Phil Mulray story - Phil presenting his masterpiece to former Australian Prime Minster, Tony Abbott.

Special guest: Ron Page

Ron Page, of Wesley Volunteering promotion fame, talks about his day to day tasks; how he helps the new comers find their way around the village and even helps the less able make their beds.

Ron feels like he should give back to the community, just like he did when he was a pastor back in the day.

Guest performer: Deb Ezzy-Walton

Wesley Impact! TV Band, Deb Ezzy-Walton and Craig Gower perform the song ‘New Miracle’.

Keith’s message: The forthcoming child

Rev Keith Garner reads from Matthew 1:18-21, where Joseph discovers that the child his wife was bearing was Jesus, He who would save His people from their sins.