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Welcoming children through foster care

20 September 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we continue our series on foster care with a look at the history of Wesley Dalmar and an interview with long time foster carer, Pam Bull. In addition, the Rev Dr Keith Garner examines the quiet yet powerful life of the apostle Andrew.

The history of Wesley Dalmar

In this episode we conclude our two part look at the history of Wesley Mission’s child care service, Wesley Dalmar. Tracking the transitional phase of Wesley Dalmar from the 1960s onward, as they moved from an orphanage structure to the foster care service it is today, we see how Wesley Dalmar has worked to serve children in need across the decades.

Interview with Pam Bull

This week the Rev Dr Keith Garner talks to foster carer, Pam Bull, who has cared for children in need for more than 16 years. Feeling the call on her heart to foster children when she was just 12 years old, Pam and her husband Michael eventually chose to welcome children into their home through Wesley Dalmar. In this powerful interview, Pam Bull speaks about the challenges and joys of foster care, giving us insight into the tremendous way we can serve God and love children through foster care.

Guest performer

We are honoured to hear from our very own music director, Craig Gower, whose creativity and talent bless Wesley Impact! TV each week. This week he is performing the song Good Good Father.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Andrew

The Rev Dr Keith Garner continues examining the lives of New Testament characters with a look at the apostle Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter. Today our readings come from John 1:40-41 and John 6:8-9. In them we find Andrew is an active witness from the outset, bringing first his brother and then others to Jesus. It is his example that often speaks loudest to Christians who want to bring others to faith. He was the quiet bridge builder, and we can learn much from him about bringing people naturally to Jesus, sharing the Gospel by reaching out to others.