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Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: We’re all about people

Wesley Mission is an organisation with a long history (our roots tracing back to 1812, in fact!) – but what do we actually do? Come behind the scenes with our CEO and Superintendent, Rev Stu Cameron, to get a firsthand tour of the various parts of our life-changing work.

First up in this episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron is Rita, who shares stories of hope from a fantastic program called ‘Wesley Take Charge of Your Life’.

Growing up and leaving home is a huge change for anyone – let alone a young person transitioning out of foster care. Discover how this exciting program is helping young people leaving foster care gain the skills they need for independent living, as well as their ongoing emotional care and development.

We also continue our panel discussion on the place of Christianity in modern life. What hope does Jesus bring to the darkest parts of the world – to homelessness or prostitution? What do we mean when we say that Wesley Mission is a ‘Word and deed’ mission? Be encouraged by this uplifting and insightful discussion featuring Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors.

Finally, consider some big questions of life and faith as Stu brings us God’s Word. Does God want us to focus on worshipping Him? Or on caring for others like the good Samaritan? How does that work together? Find answers as Stu points us to how Jesus lived out this balance in His life’s example.

Watch this episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron to find out more…

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