Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: When hope takes centre stage

Join Wesley Mission’s CEO and Superintendent Rev Stu Cameron in this touching episode featuring our inaugural ‘Look to the Stars’ concert.

Look to the Stars made its debut to celebrate people we support through Wesley Disability Services and Wesley School for Seniors to showcase their unique talents and abilities on stage. The love, hard work and enthusiasm that went into this performance will have you smiling and cheering these first-time performers on!

Also, be inspired as you learn more about the thousands of volunteers who are the beating heart of Wesley Mission and the incredible impact of their support and commitment.

Finally, hear from Stu as he remembers Rev WG Taylor, Wesley Mission’s first Superintendent. Taylor took three breaks from the role, but as Stu shows us in this episode, his perseverance has lessons for us today as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Find out more now – enjoy this episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron.

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