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Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: Where does our love come from?

Australia’s housing affordability crisis puts more people at risk of homelessness across our cities and regional areas. Find out how Wesley Community Housing is helping some of the most vulnerable in our communities and hear from one of our residents as he shares his heart-warming story of finding community and support through this life-changing program.

And from one national crisis to another: growing numbers of Australians are struggling with their mental health. But there is hope. Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent Rev Stu Cameron speaks with Andy from Wesley LifeForce about the difference our community-led approach is making. Watch now and be encouraged by this good news!

For most of us, caring for others is part of our day-to-day life. But how do we care for ourselves too? It can be exhausting always to be giving if we’re running on our own steam, so how are we to manage? Find answers in God’s Word as Stu takes us through the teaching at the heart of Wesley Mission. Discover how Jesus is the source of all the love and care we give – and how working for Him, not ourselves, can change everything.

Find out more now – enjoy this week’s episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron!

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