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Youth serving Sydney through Wesley Urban Mission

30 August 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we find out more about the youth initiative, Wesley Urban Mission, we speak with the Rev Dr Rick Dacey, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores the life of Simon Peter. 

Wesley Urban Mission

This week we take a look at Wesley Mission’s new youth initiative, Wesley Urban Mission. This program brings young people from across New South Wales together and to serve Sydney communities, walking alongside those in need and discovering what it means to live life with a heart for others. We see how Wesley Urban Mission will allow young people to engage with their community, see and meet the needs of those around them, and return to their own homes with a vision for helping others in practical ways.

The Rev Dr Rick Dacey

In this episode our guest is the Rev Dr Rick Dacey who speaks more about Wesley Urban Mission. We hear how this program hopes to be a catalyst event in young people’s lives, not only giving them the opportunity to make a practical difference by meeting the needs of others in the heart of Sydney, but giving them a powerful experience of Christ-like servanthood that empowers their whole community.

Guest performer

Our talented guest performer today is Greg Cooper, singing the inspiring song, Eternal King.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Simon Peter

The Rev Dr Keith Garner begins a series that will focus on the great characters of the New Testament, their legacy, and what lessons they leave for us today. This week features an examination of Simon Peter from the moment when he denied knowing Jesus in Luke 22:56-62. We find it was Peter’s very human and fallible experience of denial which helped to shape him into the man that ultimately became a crucial builder of the Christian church. In the life of Peter we find someone who feels like one of us, his limitations and weaknesses endear him to us and his life gives each of us hope. We are left with the knowledge that it is the transformative love of Jesus Christ that changed Peter, and can change each of us into a force of tremendous good in our communities.