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You gave Penny a happy Christmas

Your steadfast financial support in challenging times allowed us to keep doing all the good we can for those in greatest need during 2020.

Even while you were facing the COVID-19 pandemic yourselves – some of you after drought, bushfires and floods – your faithful help ensured we could continue our Christian care to the most vulnerable in our communities.

With your generosity, we walked beside families in crisis like eight-year-old Penny’s*. After her mum Chelsea, and dad Tim, lost their jobs within weeks of each other, they were terrified their family would end up on the streets. Penny and her sisters would cry themselves to sleep because they were so hungry.

When Chelsea contacted us, we were able to pay their essential bills including their mortgage arrears so they could stay in their home. Thanks to you, we provided the family with hampers of groceries to stop them going hungry. Over Christmas, their hamper contained treats like chocolate and fruit mince pies which gave them some happiness in spite of their difficult situation.

Now Tim has just found a new job, starting in February, and the family has hope again.

He recently wrote us this heartwarming update:

“We were in a crisis we never saw coming, and heading into Christmas, our very worst fear was losing our home and having nowhere to go with our three daughters. Instead, because of Wesley Mission’s generous donors, we had a roof over our heads, food to eat and the kids could still have a happy Christmas.”

“That meant the world to us and to the girls. We’re so grateful – thank you for looking after us.”

Many donors sent us messages too, describing their own job losses and financial difficulties. Some couldn’t support us the way they wanted to, but they generously gave whatever they could afford. Others called to make extra donations and share their blessings with people in need.

Thank you for showing care and kindness during a challenging year.

* Names, photos and identifying details changed for privacy.

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