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Your impact on people facing homelessness

Thanks to generous people like you who gave to our recent winter appeal, we could offer emergency relief to many more people as the COVID-19 crisis intensified and the coldest months approached.

From March to June, we helped 85 per cent more people than we did in the same period last year who were at imminent risk of being unable to pay their essential bills.

In the month of June alone, as economic challenges deepened in Australia, twice as many people turned to us and we could assist them with bill relief, food vouchers, vouchers for essentials like warm clothes, and help to pay critical medical expenses and rent arrears. Some had lost belongings or livelihoods in the bushfires and they are now being hit again by the pandemic.

With you by our side, we helped families maintain their tenancies and made sure those who lost their incomes had enough to eat and could keep the power on and stay warm in the winter cold.

Thank you for supporting our most vulnerable this winter.

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