Stories of hope

Our work takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. It’s a privilege to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us.

The power of corporate volunteering
Vicki’s story: Giving carers a break
Don's story: The beginnings of J-Club
Louise's story: The bitter question
John and Carol's story: Taking a break from caring
Tucky’s story: Learning every day
Zach's story: Respite relief
Ethan's story: Gratitude and giving back
Colleen and Dan's story: The gift of family
Nicole and Gerald's story: Building a loving home
Suzanne’s story: a life coloured in
Shauna’s story: restoring family

Ali’s story: 25 years of dedicated service

Chloe’s story: finding her forever family

Kerry’s story: artistry transforms her life and home

Helen and James’ story: filling their home with children

Greg and Michael’s story: building a home and a family

Tim’s story: riding towards his future

Carmel’s story: healing begins at home

Vince’s story: light at the end of a dark tunnel

You're the boss: prison inmates take charge of their money

Sam's story: Financial prison to personal freedom

Suddenly, out of a blue sky

Greg’s story: turning his life around

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