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Candice's story: Building stronger families

Candice’s mental illness left her with little energy to care for her children or manage her household.

Candice still felt the scars from her own difficult childhood. Her mother had mental health issues that weren’t managed and struggled to care for and connect with Candice. At the age of seven, Candice was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. These scars led to bipolar disorder, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

When Candice became a mum herself she wanted to provide a good life for her children, Lakesia, Shaniece and Kyle. She could see, though, the same patterns from her childhood developing in her own family and so she asked Wesley Brighter Futures for help.

It wasn’t an easy journey. Candice’s case worker June confronted her with some tough truths and helped her to make changes around the home and found additional support for her mental health.

Life for Candice now is very different. “I feel like I can face the world,” she says. The children are experiencing this difference as well. According to Lakesia, “Mum’s not so grumpy anymore. I like it that mum is more into reading to me and teaching me things now.”

Now Candice spends quality time with her children, her home is clean and ordered and she has a part-time job at a five-star hotel to bring in some extra money. Thanks to Wesley Brighter Futures, Candice can now provide the home for her children that she missed out on in her own childhood.

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