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Dylan's story: Looking for love

Dylan lives a short drive from Newcastle’s finest beaches but he hasn’t seen the sand, let alone felt it between his toes. There are a lot of things this eleven-year-old hasn’t done. He’s never visited animals at the zoo, sat wide-eyed in a movie theatre or played footy with his mates in the local footy team.

Dylan’s mum Donna struggles to get out of bed, crippled by severe depression. And she hasn’t got a driver’s licence.

In the mornings he wakes his two little sisters, five-year-old Jenny and three-year-old Millie, and makes them breakfast, then wakes his mum before taking himself to school. Dylan dreams of going to the beach, playing sport and going to movies, like his friends from school.

Dylan is one of the 300 children on the Wesley Aunties & Uncles waiting list. Dylan and mum Donna are hopeful that he will soon be matched with a suitable mentor, who will dedicate one day a month of their time. This day could be spent playing in the backyard at home, out and about or simply enjoying a loving stable environment. They may even visit the beach.

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