Fayeith's story: A matter of Fayeith

For most of her childhood, Fayeith moved between foster care and a matrix of family members.

At just 16 years of age and far from her mob at Taree on the NSW North Coast, Fayeith entered a refuge and was once again in unchartered waters.

However, Fayeith was always hopeful. She knew deep down that stable accommodation would be part of her ongoing answer. There were other pieces to the puzzle as well–education, employment and skills.

Fayeith moved between foster care and a matrix of family members.

While living in the refuge Fayeith applied for government housing but long waiting lists and other complex challenges left her at risk of homelessness.

That is when Wesley Mission stepped in, offering Fayeith a place in its transitional homeless youth program, which provides secure accommodation and support to young people waiting for permanent housing.

“When I first moved in I was finding it hard to manage money, to know what to buy and what not to buy. Now I’ve learned how to budget and I can do my shopping and pay the bills.”

As well as a safe place to live, Wesley Youth Accommodation helps young people access the support services and resources they need to move to independent living. Wesley Mission caseworker Jenny co-ordinated and supported Fayeith during the transition.

“It can be scary coming into a new program as there are so many unknowns,” Jenny said. “We understand that fear so we try to reassure every client that they are in a safe and supportive environment where they will be able to flourish.”

Fayeith was connected to a living skills program that taught her household management, nutrition, budgeting and meal preparation.

Jenny believes these personalised services are what distinguish Wesley Mission as it provides for those most in need.

In late 2017, Fayeith received a permanent placement with New South Wales Housing and moved into a two bedroom apartment. Her life is more stable, she feels confident and is taking care of herself.

“She has come so far since I met her 11 months ago,” Jenny said. “She’s grown from a quiet, shy person who didn’t like to talk much at all, to a confident young lady who agreed to being interviewed today without any hesitation.”

Fayeith has her own words of wisdom shaped by her recent past: “Don’t stress too much. Take it day by day. Be yourself. And if you need help, speak up. Don’t bottle it up.”

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