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Harold's story: Restoring dignity

Harold is an 80 year old man who was referred to Wesley Home & Carer Support in 2005. He lived in his own unit and had no family. He was suffering from alcohol-related dementia and was living in squalor. He had no bed, his flat was infested with rats and cockroaches, and he hadn’t showered in five years.

The Wesley team began working so Harold could live at home safely and hygienically. Wesley Mission organised a clean-up, pest control service, got the hot water system and telephone re-connected, and a financial guardianship order was put in place.

A care worker currently visits Harold every day to ensure he has eaten or takes him out for coffee. Harold is still living in his own home and gets Meals on Wheels daily. Maintenance work continues with painting and re-covering of his floors. Harold’s health and quality of life have improved dramatically over the past five years and with the help of Wesley Home & Carer Support, Harold should be able to remain in his home for many more years.

*Not his real name.

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