Todd’s story: A second chance through Wesley Retail

Todd Perry enjoys his job as a removalist. He wouldn’t have that job, however, if it weren’t for his time spent at Wesley Mission. In 2010, Todd was ordered to do 200 hours of community service through the Department of Corrections. He was assigned to Wesley Retail  helping to collect second hand furniture and sorting clothes for Wesley Retail’s second hand shop. By June 2011, he had enough experience to get a part-time job with the removalist company where he now works.

Todd said he learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know people.

“I still pop up and see them. I’m one of the shop’s best customers.”

Wesley Retail’s Coordinator, Rebecca Green, said in the past year 14 people had done community service at Wesley Retail as directed by the Department of Corrections.

“The great thing about people doing community service through Wesley Mission is that they are in a great working environment where they are treated as a volunteer, with respect, dignity and support. They are able to learn a variety of practical and social skills that help them in their search for a vocation and a new start at life.”

Rebecca was impressed with Todd’s dedication and care for clients.

“Todd started off as a pretty rough guy. His language was ‘colourful’ and with his extravert character everyone knew where he was in the warehouse even when he couldn’t be seen. He soon became part of the warehouse family and always helped people in need, especially older ladies that needed a hand carrying things to their car, always offering to go the extra mile. He managed to turn his life around whilst at Wesley Mission and get a removalist job and we are all so proud of him. He’s a great guy with a great future!”

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