Wesley Impact: Celebrating our longstanding TV ministry

Wesley Mission has enjoyed a presence on Australian TV screens – from 1958 right up to the present – an unbroken run of 64 years! We are now preparing to move away from a weekly TV program but will continue to produce and broadcast television at Easter, Christmas and other key times during the year. Our focus will move toward sharing high-quality digital content across social media, YouTube and other channels.

In our final four weekly episodes, we are celebrating the legacy of some of Wesley Mission’s remarkable leaders and their work to share a message of hope and help on TV. These episodes will reflect and pay tribute to Rev Sir Alan Walker, Rev Gordon Moyes and Rev Keith Garner. In our final weekly episode, Rev Stu Cameron will look ahead to exciting new initiatives.

Episode 1: Celebrating the legacy of Rev Sir Alan Walker

Rev Sir Alan Walker led the work of Wesley Mission (known then as the Central Methodist Mission) for 20 years, from 1958 to 1978. He was a visionary, an innovator and someone who was driven to share the good news of the Christian faith with as many people as possible and in the most relevant and practical ways. He was a prophetic voice in our nation. Learn more about the pioneering work of Alan Walker in this episode.

Episode 2: Remembering the influential leadership of Rev Gordon Moyes

Rev Gordon Moyes started his Superintendency at Wesley Mission in 1979 and served for 27 years. He used the media effectively to promote Wesley Mission and, more importantly, to continue to share the good news of the Christian faith in innovative, relevant and meaningful ways. This episode celebrates Gordon’s influence and impact that extended and expanded the work and reach of Wesley Mission to help many more people in need.

Episode 3: Leadership and changed lives, the impact of Rev Keith Garner

Coming soon

Episode 4: New initiatives and a new chapter

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