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Training and jobs

We can help you develop your skills, provide you with employment opportunities and help build your career through our wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses. And if you employ staff, we can work with you to train and find employment for job seekers with disability, injury or health conditions.

Wesley Vocational Institute (RTO Code 90091)

Training programs focused on developing skills, building your career and creating opportunities to help you build confidence and resilience for the future.

Wesley Disability Employment Services

We can provide you with meaningful and flexible employment and training opportunities in a range of commercial and business services, along with disability employment support, to help you reach your goals.

Wesley Employment Services

If you’re living with disability, we can provide you with opportunities for employment, social interaction and extracurricular activities in a warm, Christian environment.

Wesley Training

We have high quality training programs to help you gain the skills you need to find a job and advance your career. 

Wesley WorkSmart

If you’re 15-18 year old and living in Western Sydney, we can support you with building your career through leadership skills development, increasing your job readiness and links to training or employment. 

Wesley ParentsNext

If you need help juggling the responsibilities of raising a young family while working or further learning, we can help you set your own meaningful goals and pursue them.

Wesley Getting It Together

If you’re a young person aged 12-18 years old on New South Wales’ Central Coast we can help you with income support, health, accommodation, addiction, justice, relationship support and more. 

Wesley Take Charge of Your Life

If you’re a young person aged 15-25 years living in foster, we can help you transition living in out of home care to living independently with accommodation and life skills support.

Wesley Mental Health Training

Learn techniques for managing your workload and relationships with your colleagues by enrolling in our ‘Mental Health and Resilience in the Workplace’ training. 

Wesley LifeForce

We provide suicide prevention services that educate and empower local communities, supporting people most at risk.

Wesley Clinical Education

Join our multidisciplinary, expert team of psychologists, dietitians, therapists and counsellors by renting a consulting room to work together with us in helping us serve the most in need in our community.

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