Wesley Gift Shop

You need to buy a gift. An awesome gift. For your boss, or your sister or your next boyfriend. Not socks or candles but something that changes a life. Like helping someone to read or providing a safe place for a teenager who’s homeless to sleep. 

Gift ShopYou want to find a gift that can be personalised. You know Jeremy, Ankita, Alex will appreciate a gift that’s ethical and meaningful but you also want them to know how much you appreciate their dog-walking skills, friendship, office banter.

What you need is a gift that makes a difference but also says “Woohoo Uncle Gerard! You’re 85 today!”

And...you need this gift right now. Because you’re already sitting in the passenger seat of a car on your way to a party, catch-up drinks, family gathering.

Welcome to the Wesley Gift Shop. Where charity gifts are easy to buy, great to receive and best of all, make a difference. Buy a gift that matters. Find out how this works.

How it works

Gifts that give more to. 

  • the giver: tax deductible, online, easy
  • the receiver: original, personal, feel-good
  • the community: making a difference, helping people get back on their feet

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