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What we offer


Wesley Mission provides free gambling and financial counselling for individuals and families affected by problem gambling.

Wesley Gambling Counselling can help people gain insights into their problem gambling behaviour and learn new strategies to help get back on track.

The Gambling Counsellors at Wesley Mission understand the personal dilemmas that gambling can sometimes cause. Gambling Counsellors are able to provide:

  • personal counselling
  • financial counselling
  • family member counselling
  • legal services.

Download the Wesley Gambling Counselling brochure for future reference at the link below:

Gambling Counselling Brochure

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Wesley Gambling Counselling aims to:

  • provide a professional, high quality service for people with a gambling problem
  • alleviate the stress of dealing with what can often appear to be an overwhelming problem by acting as an advocate for people
  • help overcome negative feelings resulting from gambling
  • help people avoid gambling related issues such as a financial crisis or bankruptcy by looking at all possible options
  • help people overcome their addiction.

How we work

Our Gambling Counsellors use specialised personal counselling techniques to help gamblers and their families to overcome problems associated with gambling.

After an initial assessment conducted over the telephone by a Gambling Counsellor, people have the opportunity to make an appointment to see a Gambling Counsellor. Counselling sessions can be with the person who has the problem and/or concerned family members.

During the initial session Gambling Counsellors focus on the extent or the impact gambling is having on a person’s general wellbeing, family relationships, finances and work performance, after which they are encouraged to set their own goals and strategies for change.

Ongoing sessions are designed to help overcome the problems associated with gambling by reviewing goals and strategies. A holistic approach is taken to establish and maintain change in the gambling activity, as well as looking at the reasons underlying or contributing to the problem.

Philosophy of care

Wesley Gambling Counselling’s philosophy combines counselling, assistance, information and self-help. By providing support, we enable people to become as independent as possible and ultimately to overcome their problem gambling and/or addiction.

By providing information on warning signs, gamblers and their families will be able to identify these signs as red flags for seeking help, thereby minimising the harm of further hurt and distress associated with the problem gambling activity.

Some of the things you might notice with a friend or family member engaging in problem gambling or with their personal and work life are:

  • money missing from bank accounts, wallet/purse or money jar
  • household items and valuables missing
  • being regularly short of money even though they earn a wage
  • borrowing money on a regular basis
  • having many loans at the one time
  • being secretive about financial records or payslips
  • unpaid bills/disconnection notices
  • lack of food in the house
  • becoming withdrawn from others/family events
  • performance at work is being affected
  • seeming worried, agitated or upset for no apparent reason
  • reporting feeling hopeless, depressed, frustrated or suicidal
  • displaying changes in personality—sleeping, eating, or sexual relationship patterns
  • controlling and/or manipulative behaviour
  • using threats, lies or charm to manipulate others
  • spending more and more time gambling
  • being secretive about unexplained absences
  • often being late for commitments
  • over using sick days and days off.

Program details

Wesley Gambling Counselling is a free, confidential community service for people with a gambling problem or those affected by that person’s gambling problem.

The initial session will identify financial options and ongoing sessions are also available to work through the selected options. For a gambler to access financial counselling they will need to be engaged in gambling counselling sessions.

These services are funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund, a branch of the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

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Financial Counsellors assist with assessing the possible options for people by looking at income, expenditure (especially gambling related spending), assets, liabilities and legal action. In the case of legal action, options are presented to the counselling participant, informing them of the civil legal process that will continue if nothing is done.

Financial Counsellors do not provide loans or arrange for loans to be obtained. They can only contact third parties such as lenders with written authorisation as required by the Privacy Act. If possible (after assessment of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities) Financial Counsellors may negotiate with creditors, debt collectors and others for repayment options after a commitment by the person to address their gambling related problems.

Financial Counsellors in New South Wales must be accredited with the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW Inc (FCAN). There are strict rules as to who may be a Financial Counsellor, primarily that those Financial Counsellors belong to FCAN and must act solely out of interest for the wellbeing of the consumer.

NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing

Visit the Responsible Gambling Fund of the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing website.

Responsible Gambling Fund