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Treatment for depression

Treatment for depression

We can all feel low from time-to-time. Certain events in our life can lead to increased stress and worry, but after a period of time has passed we are usually able to pick ourselves up and continue with our lives. Clinical depression is very different from a temporary low mood. At Wesley Hospital we offer proven and effective treatment to help you deal with clinical depression and we aim to help you return to a fulfilled and connected life with your family and friends.

What is depression?

Here we explain depression and its symptoms, as well as what you can expect when receiving treatment at Wesley Hospital. Learn about the types of treatment programs available and your payment options.

If you would like to enquire about admission, please submit an Admission Enquiry form and one of our caring staff will be in touch with you.

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Our treatment programs to help with depression

Our hospital facilities in Ashfield and Kogarah both offer two types of treatment programs that are designed to treat depression:

  1. inpatient care
  2. day patient programs

Inpatient treatment involves staying in the hospital for a period of time to receive focused 24-hour care. During your stay, you will be supported by our team of professional and compassionate staff, giving you access to evidence-based psychiatric, nursing and psychological support.

In addition to medical care, your treatment will also include:

  • detailed clinical assessment from qualified professionals
  • psychiatric and nursing care
  • education about depression and the factors that maintain this condition
  • help to identify triggers of depression
  • guidance to develop strategies to help you manage how you feel
  • finding ways to increase your motivation to change
  • cognitive behaviour therapy to address thoughts and behaviours that maintain depression
  • skill development, including problem solving skills, assertiveness and communication skills, distress tolerance and mindfulness skills
  • improvement of self esteem
  • relapse prevention.

Day patient programs offer you treatment and ongoing support if you don’t require the focused care that our inpatient treatment program offers. It is also an effective way to continue treatment after returning to your everyday life if you’ve been an inpatient, providing you with ongoing care and support in your journey of recovery.

Treatment through our day patient program involves attending short sessions. The number of  sessions you attend depends on the program and your personal needs.

Our caring staff members will work with you during admission to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Download our Depression and Anxiety Programs brochure for Wesley Hospital Ashfield:
Wesley Hospital Ashfield Depression and Anxiety Program 

Upcoming day programs for depression:

Program name


Hospital location

 Depression Management

One day per week, depending on availability.

Veterans: Monday & Tuesday each week for six weeks.



 Anxiety & Depression Management

A one-day session, once a week for eight weeks.


Download our Depression and Anxiety Programs brochure for Wesley Hospital Kogarah:

Wesley Hospital Kogarah Depression and Anxiety Program 

For people experiencing severe forms of depression or other psychiatric disorders, where medication and other treatments have not been effective, our Wesley Hospital Kogarah uses electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) as a treatment.

Fees and Costs

As a private hospital, we are able to arrange payment through your private health insurance. If you don’t have private health insurance, then you may wish to consider our other payment options. Read more to find the best payment option that suits you.