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What we offer


Wesley Suicide Prevention Services uses a model which is an iterative approach of prevention, intervention and postvention. It focuses on educating people about suicide, challenging attitudes, teaching basic engagement and suicide intervention skills, conducting suicide interventions and supporting those bereaved by suicide.


Wesley Suicide Prevention Services aims to educate, empower and resource Australian communities to take action to tackle suicide. We have a vision to see the problem of suicide significantly addressed. In working toward this vision Wesley Suicide Prevention Services assists people to:

  • learn about the problem of suicide in Australia
  • develop an understanding of suicidal ideation and behaviour
  • develop active listening skills
  • help identify those at risk of suicide
  • learn practical strategies in how to deal with a suicidal person
  • increase knowledge and confidence to handle crisis situations
  • find resources in their local communities such as crisis support, counselling and mental health services
  • develop and promote individual and community resilience to suicide.

Philosophy of care

Wesley Suicide Prevention Services is driven by the belief that every life matters. We believe that Australian communities have the capacity to help those who are at risk of suicide and our education programs work toward this end.

We believe that by building individual and community resilience and promoting help-seeking behaviours, we will reduce the rate of suicide in Australia.

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