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Food boxes packaged with love

It was a remarkable effort. Over just four days Peter and his team prepared 50 care packages with pantry essentials for people most in need. And his team are now packaging up more boxes. 

When the shelves of many Australian supermarkets dwindled with basic supplies, Wesley Catering Head Chef, Peter became worried about vulnerable Australians who could no longer buy essential food.

“I was concerned about people who were by themselves and alone – they worry about what they’re going to eat,” explained Peter. “It was about letting people know that they are not alone through this whole thing.”

Each care package includes lasting supplies, such as rice, pasta, pasta sauce, long-life milk, baked beans, cereal and even a sweet treat, biscuits. “We’ll stock you up with the basic things you need for your pantry for two weeks. And then it just makes life a bit easier,” said Peter.

Peter’s team have also prepared 60 pre-cooked meals that are delivered alongside the care packages.

Every food box is covered with heart-warming messages, written by Wesley Catering staff, including “You’re not alone”, “We care” and “Smile”.

“The team wrote 100 messages of each box and they were individual messages,” explained Peter. “I think that will hopefully help people in some way.”

Beverly, a resident at Alan Walker Independent Living Village recently received a care package and spoke of the joy it has brought her life.

“I took the brown box into my room, opened it to find it filled with quite a few essentials that I needed for my pantry cupboard. It filled my heart with joy to know someone cared and what [a] lovely caring gesture,” she said.

“For me personally, the note on the brown box brought me more joy that what the box had in it. In fact, I decided to sit and read the note again the next morning. It brought me a sense of peace and joy knowing I was not alone and someone cared.”

The care packages are delivered to Wesley Mission’s office in Carlingford and a team of dedicated staff distribute the boxes to people we serve who are most in need.

“All it takes is one act of kindness. Just knowing someone cares about you is what matters. And you don’t have to put a face or name to it. It’s just understanding that someone’s there,” said Peter.

“At the end of the day, you don’t do these things to get a thank you. You do it because it’s the right thing.”

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