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Wesley Mission’s 2020 Annual Meeting

On Sunday 25 October 2020, a socially distanced gathering of people from Wesley Mission’s board, leadership, staff, congregations and supporters met in the Wesley Theatre. As the rain poured down outside, people heard remarkable accounts of lives transformed, everyday acts of courage and care along with data to detail the increased support delivered to more than 160,000 Australians in a year marked by crisis.  

Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent, the Rev Keith V Garner AM gave his report to this, his final Annual Meeting as leader, reflecting on the growth in helping people most in need and in the revenue that importantly underpins it.   

“It is critical at this time when so many are in need that we are in our best position to help increasingly more people,” said the Rev Keith Garner. 

This analysis was backed up by the Finance report given by Chief Financial Officer, David Cannings, who demonstrated the growth in revenue over the past ten years from $124 million to $249 million. 

“In ten years we have grown 101%. And while I am very excited about the 100% growth, I’m equally excited with the 1% growth. Because it represents that ‘every life matters’, and that’s probably another 220 people we can work with each month,” David said. 

Inspiring accounts were given by Lisa Ellis, Head of Community Housing for Wesley Community Housing, Grace Chan, General Manager of Wesley Home & Residential Care along with Dave Allen, Executive Manager of Wesley Community and Family Care.  

Chair of the Wesley Community Services Board, Michael Anderson shared the sense of pride he felt in the response of Wesley Mission’s services over the last year and paid tribute to the leadership of the Rev Keith Garner. Officer of Wesley Mission, Dr Keith Suter AM who is also a respected futurist, gave an account of the impact of the Rev Keith Garner’s contribution over 15 years and the many opportunities Wesley Mission has to positively make its mark in Australian communities. 

In closing the meeting, the Rev Keith Garner shared a reflection that even in challenging conditions, when you are ‘in the mud’, we can find things to give thanks for. In 2020, this includes Wesley Mission’s more than 120 programs that have adapted to meet people’s needs, teams who have demonstrated courageous commitment and for the many people who have given of themselves through volunteering or by supporting the work of Wesley Mission financially. The 2020 Annual Report is then aptly titled, ‘Moving forward together’, expressing our determination, confidence and shared vision for the future. 


Watch the video of the 2020 Annual Meeting. Presentations include:  

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