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Brooke and Abby are safe and warm this winter

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping people experiencing homelessness and need like Brooke* and her little daughter Abby. Brooke remembers it being freezing cold when she was forced to move into her car at the beginning of winter with Abby.

They’d been evicted from their rental in Sydney because Brooke’s partner – Abby’s dad – had tragically died. Brooke can’t work because of a back injury and they were left with no income. When Brooke contacted us, they’d been helped to find housing, but they were on the brink of homelessness again. An emergency bill costing thousands of dollars meant Brooke could no longer afford to pay the rent. Every day she lived in fear of receiving another eviction notice. Thanks to you and the other kind-hearted people who partner with us, we could help them. Now Brooke has provided a heart-warming update on how she and Abby are going. “I want to say thank you to the people who support Wesley Mission,” Brooke says. “Being homeless is very traumatic but because of your kindness I still have my house. Knowing this winter we’ll have a roof over our heads, I feel so grateful. As the nights get colder I lay in my bed, warm and secure and it hits me all over again. I still can’t believe people could be so kind as Wesley Mission donors have been to me”.

Thanks to you and other kind hearted people we could not do all the good we do without you. Your thoughtfulness and generosity mean the world to people like Brooke and Abby. Thank you again for your support. You’re truly making a difference!

*Photos and details changed for privacy

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