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Simon’s six tips to improve your wellbeing

This time last year, we introduced you to Simon. He lives with post-traumatic stress after seeing things as a police officer that no-one ever should.

On one of the four occasions that Simon tried to take his life, a call to our Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland service guided him through the crisis and saved him. The experience motivated him to become a Wesley Mission supporter like you.

Simon has also written a bestselling book with Libby Harkness, ‘Life Sentence: A Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD’. He is now a sought-after inspirational speaker, sharing the resilience skills he practices daily on his own ongoing journey towards recovery.

Here are some techniques from Simon you can use to improve your wellbeing and overcome stress and worry:

  1. It’s important we maintain our support networks, whether it’s through picking up the phone or maybe taking a walk with someone, practicing distancing but still maintaining those connections.
  2. Every day try to have some down time and practice mindfulness – being present in the moment – to de-stress and boost your resilience.
  3. Remember three things that have been difficult in your life. In uncertain times, or when you are feeling depressed or down or anxious, it’s an empowering reminder that there’s always hope.
  4. With COVID-19, another good thing to realise is that this is new to almost everyone. We’re all in this together, you’re not alone.
  5. Try to give each day a purpose. Each day I write down the three main things I want to achieve. It could be as simple as taking the kids to school. When we have a purpose, it can lead us away from feeling depressed.
  6. Helping others is something that uplifts us, it makes you feel good to change someone else’s day. One example is your support for Wesley Mission that helps people who are struggling. You can even save lives. I know because my life was saved and my gratitude for that is abundant.

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