Thank you - Your help means the world to people like Jonny*

With news coming out daily of new virus infections and lockdowns, many people in our communities struggle with their mental health triggered by isolation, health fears, job losses and financial difficulties. Young people have been hit hardest, with one study finding a worrying 74 per cent of young people reported worse mental health since the outbreak of COVID-19.1

At this very challenging time for Australia and NSW in particular, more people facing emotional upheaval and crisis are turning to Wesley Mission. The good news is that your generosity can help someone to begin their journey towards recovery and a new life.

Thanks to you and our other kindhearted supporters, we can journey alongside people like Jonny, who first came into contact with us when he became homeless in high school. He was just 15 years old and all alone. We helped him find safe and stable accommodation to start healing from mental health issues and the trauma he’d experienced because of family conflict.

Jonny sent us an update on how he’s going, as he prepares to move into his first private rental with a friend, with the help from his Wesley Mission case worker. It’s a huge step and an exciting achievement for any young person, especially for one who has faced the challenges Jonny has.

He says he’s looking forward to greater stability and making his new place feel like home. As you’d imagine, he’s also feeling very grateful.

“Looking back and realising how far I’ve come, I couldn’t be prouder of where I am today or more thankful for all the people and supports that have helped me achieve everything I have,” Jonny says. “I am also looking forward to and working towards purchasing my own home one day. I’m thankful to Wesley Mission for helping me build the foundations for that to be a possibility.”

Thank you for your compassion and care. Please consider a donation today to help people experiencing distress or challenges with their mental health at this difficult time.

*Photo changed for privacy
1Headspace “COVID Client Impact Report”
August 2020

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