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    A legacy that lives on in our work

    A legacy that lives on in our work

    David’s* relationship with Wesley Mission spans many years. A popular figure at our organ recitals and Christmas Day lunches, he’s remembered as a friendly, lovable man with a strong sense of community and service.

    It wasn’t until David passed away last year that we learned he had chosen to entrust his legacy to our care. He had dedicated his entire estate, including the Sydney apartment he’d lived in since the 60’s, to supporting our Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland crisis support centres. It was a truly remarkable gift for us to receive, one of trust in our work and one which has a significant impact on our ability to ensure calls for help in a crisis are answered.

    It was a gift of hope for people in despair.

    We’re forever grateful to David for such a commitment to, and firm belief in, our mission and values. He was a faithful friend of God who has left behind a legacy of compassion.

    The lives of those disadvantaged and marginalised can be transformed by everyday Australians like David leaving a gift to Wesley Mission in their Will. For over 200 years, these legacies have helped us strengthen the vulnerable, comfort the lonely and give hope for a brighter future.

    To discuss how you can make a powerful impact for generations to come by leaving a gift to Wesley Mission in your Will, please call Steve Burfield on (02) 9263 5561.

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