A gift of beauty, creativity and friendship

There’s nothing like receiving a card in the mail; a handwritten note to remind you that you’re special and someone is thinking of you. And throughout 2023, that’s exactly what you can expect from us – on your birthday, for special events or simply to thank you for your friendship.

But what we’ll send you aren’t just any old cards. These cards showcase a selection of beautiful work created by Wesley School for Seniors artists.

A picture tells a thousand words

Wesley School for Seniors gives over-55s the opportunity to learn new skills and socialise in a safe and supportive environment, with courses in everything from Christianity and faith to computing technology, meditation, music, Mandarin and more.

The artworks chosen for our updated cards were created by students across a variety of art courses on offer, including watercolour painting and acrylic painting. While only three artists are featured on our current cards, many more incredible artworks were submitted.

: Flowers by Daniela Voican

Flowers by Daniela Voican 

Before coming to Australia, Daniela worked as a children’s book illustrator and advertising artist in Romania. Daniela says Wesley School for Seniors helped her socialise, meet people with the same interests and find a new drive and motivation in her life. This painting is inspired by nature: “[…] the unsurpassed, powerful, beautiful model which is always at hand to follow.” Look out for other artworks by Daniela on our greetings cards

Big Bird by Ron Stuart

Big Bird by Ron Stuart

Ron comes to Wesley School for Seniors every Wednesday and says it’s a lovely social activity. He says he could paint at home, but attending classes means he can have a chat, learn from other people and share talent and ideas.

Look out for other artworks by Ron on our greetings cards

Going Home by Gloria Chiu

Going Home by Gloria Chiu

Gloria had never painted before she started coming to Wesley School for Seniors 15 years ago. She has kept returning year after year because the classes are so friendly and welcoming. Originally from Hong Kong, Gloria works in watercolour, oils and acrylics.

Look out for other artworks by Gloria on our greetings cards

Image of a riverside

Riverside by Teresa Ng

Teresa only started painting when she joined Wesley School for Seniors in 2019 and is surprised by how far she’s come in such a short time. This painting was inspired by the natural beauty and peacefulness of the New Zealand landscape. Teresa says Wesley School for Seniors opened her eyes to new experiences and keeps her connected and active.

House with Red Doors in Woolloomooloo by Christine Lee

Inspired by the style of Henri Matisse’s Chat Aux Poissons Rouges and Impressionism by some famous Artists, Christine created this piece to capture the unique architecture and landscape of inner-Sydney suburb, Woolloomooloo. While her passion for art started at a young age, she is once again exploring her creativity in retirement, with courses in music, language and art.

Sunset by Kamini Bellani

Sunset by Kamini Bellani

Kamini only started painting at Wesley School for Seniors in late 2022 but has already learned so much. The inspiration for this piece is the picture-perfect sunsets that colour the Sydney skyline. With many other interests, Kamini is grateful for the range of courses on offer and the opportunity to learn, play and dance

Maple leaves art work

Maple Leaves by Hally Man 

Hally started painting some 10 years ago and became so passionate about it that she took a step further to enrich her skills through training and teaching. Now a teacher at Wesley School for Seniors, Hally enjoys working with other artists and sharing ideas of different styles, techniques and mediums. ‘’Everyone is an artist and has a sense of art. Painting enriches life and gives one peace of mind, joy and self-complacency.’’

Riverbank by Victoria Wong, Regine Williams, Gloria Chui and Kamini Bellani

Created by four students during Wesley School for Seniors’ acrylic painting class, this piece features a riverbank scene and is designed to both stand alone as four paintings or sit together as a complete artwork.


Thank you to all the students who submitted artworks for our cards. Your creativity and skill are evident in the beauty you’ve captured in your work.

If you’re interested in exploring your artistic side, or any other interest, learn more about Wesley School for Seniors

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