Jenny* and the kids are thriving - because of you

    Just before Christmas, we told you about Jenny, who had to escape family violence with her two young children, while pregnant.

    Jenny had been dreading Christmas. She was still reeling from fear, grief and trauma and she didn’t know where they would sleep, let alone think about presents.

    But the power of your kindness is amazing. Because of your generosity, Jenny’s Christmas was filled with love, joy and peace.

    You helped find a safe place for Jenny and the kids to live, and filled their home with love on Christmas Day.

    Jenny says, “The relief of having a roof over our heads was amazing. This is the only home my youngest has ever known. My older children finally have a positive environment around them.”

    Thanks to the kindness of people like you, we were able to give Jenny a Christmas hamper filled with treats.

    “The kids were so happy – they never got things like this before.”

    This year is looking so much more hopeful. Jenny is surrounded by support now.

    “I feel my life is more certain. Thank you so much for helping me and my children.”

    Through your support, you’re helping thousands of people like Jenny who’ve experienced domestic and family violence, helping them get to safety and rebuild their lives. Thank you again for being there for those in desperate need.

    *Name and photo changed to protect privacy

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