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A chaplain's journey

31 May 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Wesley Centre Chaplain Jeane Finnegan and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores John.

Jeane's story
Wesley Centre Chaplain Jeane Finnegan grew up in a church-based family in South Africa, but says it was when she first came to Australia that the Christian faith became real and personal to her. She shares how for years she felt the call to leave her job and study at Bible college, and when she responded to that call it changed the direction of her career. Having worked as an organisational change practitioner in business, Jeane moved into ministry as a chaplain in aged care services for Wesley Mission. Now, as chaplain for the Wesley Centre and Wesley Mission staff, she works with people from all walks of life. In seeking to provide holistic care for people, Jeane speaks about her vision to equip the church and community at Wesley Mission to do pastoral care in their own surroundings. She also shares the joys and challenges of journeying with people who have experienced high levels of trauma in their lives. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Congregational Life
Today we hear about some of the great work of Wesley Congregational Life. We meet Andrew Chin and hear about his passion for encouraging and inspiring students of the Wesley International Congregation to love and honour God and to love people. We also meet Maureen, and learn that the home visits she has received from Wesley Mission chaplain Gail Kilby have given her a valued and meaningful friendship and a listening ear. 

Keith's reflection
Today the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores the encounter that Nicodemus had with Jesus in John 3, and Jesus' astonishing revelation that to experience the kingdom of God, one must be born again. As we strive with Nicodemus to understand this truth, we learn that this new beginning is available to all, and needs to be lived out in our lives. When we find Christ we find true refreshment and new life.

Guest performers
Today we are delighted to hear a song beautifully written and performed by brother-and-sister duo Nathan Green and Christie Jacobs, which explores the saving work of God in the human heart. We are also joined by talented artist Greg Attwells. Greg is a seasoned performer of indie, folk and worship and has a deep desire to lead others to the feet of Jesus Christ with his music.