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Best of 2014: Out of the ring

15 March 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet world champion boxer, Nigel Benn, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores 1 Peter.

Nigel's story
As a former world champion boxer, Nigel Benn knows how to pack a punch. He once nearly killed a competitor in the ring and when things in his own life spiralled downwards—at the end of his boxing career at age 32—he tried to kill himself. That was before he discovered Christ and made a commitment to follow him. These days Nigel throws his weight behind a different cause: he is a mentor to young people and is passionate about encouraging them to have a vision and purpose for their life. Today he shares with Keith some of the highs and lows of his career and how his life turned around when he met Jesus Christ.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Aunties & Uncles
Wesley Aunties & Uncles connects disadvantaged or needy children with older mentors who befriend the children, spending time with them and giving their parents a much needed break. Some of Wesley Mission’s ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ share the joys of participating in this enriching and rewarding mentoring program.

Keith's reflection
In the sixth and final in a series on the book of 1 Peter, the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores the theme of the suffering Christian. Suffering takes many forms and impacts people all over the world. Peter doesn't avoid the subject of suffering that Christians may undergo and there is much to learn from the insights in this book.

Guest performers
Today we welcome Greg Cooper to the Wesley Impact! TV stage. Greg is the music director at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney and also performs with worship band, Garage Hymnal. We also hear from John Newsome. John is a captivating performer with honest, inspiring sounds and exceptional vocal talent. He combines pop, rock and folk styles to take people on journeys of faith and hope.