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Christmas Day special

25 December 2013 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at Christmas.

Glenn's story
Recently appointed Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies reflects on his role and the spiritual nature of the city he works in. He shares how the Church has so much to offer in terms of genuine care and meaning to the people of Sydney today. Glenn also discusses the concept of giving: how it has come to mean more about receiving than giving, and how this traps people into an unnecessary commercialisation of Christmas, but how the real joy can be found in giving wholeheartedly. 

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner leads this week’s sermon on the Christmas story depicted in Luke's Gospel in chapter three. He reminds us that the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, is a mystery and wonder, and a gift that is for us all. 

Guest performers
On this special Christmas Day we are joined by celebrated choral group, The Cathedral Singers. This remarkable choir offer a wide ranging repertoire that spans many years of church choral life. We also hear from Sancha Prowse. Sancha is a vocal instructor and singer who has delighted Christian and secular audiences in Australia and overseas.