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Facing financial stress

7 June 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Wesley Health and Community General Manager Chris England and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Mark.

Chris' story
Wesley Health and Community offers services to help those who are marginalised and vulnerable throughout New South Wales and today General Manager Chris England gives insight into this work, which ranges from homeless accommodation to hospital programs for people affected by addictions. Chris shares how the Word underpins this important work, and the role that the Christian community can play in supporting people facing challenges. Chris also explores the findings of the latest Wesley Report, Facing financial stress. This research has found that 38 per cent of households are spending more than they earn, that the number of females in financial stress has increased, and that people facing retirement are becoming increasingly concerned about coping financially. Sudden expenses such as medical bills or car repairs can also tip people into financial stress. Wesley Mission's financial literacy and counselling programs are assisting people affected by financial stress to gain more control over their finances and find a new way forward.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Homeless Services
Today we hear the story of Lellah, whose family became homeless after her husband fell ill with muscular dystrophy and she needed to step down from her job to care for him. For Lellah and her family of seven children, Wesley Noreen Towers was a haven, a safe place to live until they were able to find more permanent housing. Wesley Noreen Towers also provides support groups and workshops for parents and programs for children. 

Keith's reflection
Today the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores a cameo of Jesus from Mark's Gospel which shows his availability to those in need. Pursued by crowds, who were fascinated by what he said and did, Jesus moved away for some time alone. The pressure of Jesus' ministry, with a throng of people pushing urgently towards him, shows how much he had to offer people through his words and actions. While Jesus gave strict orders here not to tell others about him, we live at a time when people do need to know this Jesus, who reaches out to people in need.

Guest performers
Today we are joined by Elizabeth Scott, whose remarkable gift for music is well beyond her young years, combining musical talent with poetic lyrics. We also hear from talented performer Steve McPherson. Steve is the CEO of Hillsong Music Publishing in Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience as a performer, producer, songwriter and publisher.