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Finding a church online

21 June 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV Paul Hutchinson explains his website, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Psalm 25.

Wesley Packaging—employment opportunities for people with disability
Today we visit Wesley Packaging, which provides pharmaceutical and general packaging services and gives meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We meet long-term employees Ian and Paul, and hear about the important work they do, and the sense of belonging and purpose they experience at Wesley Packaging. 

Paul Hutchinson on finding a church online
In a world where technology is the first place we go for information, Paul Hutchinson is leading the way in helping people to connect with churches in their local area. He has created, which gives information about local churches including location, denomination, pastor's name, contact details and service times, and is greatly encouraged when he hears that his website has helped people to connect with a local church. Over 9,500 churches from all denominations are listed on the website, which has been functioning for two years. Paul has also established a similar site with information about Christian colleges, and has plans for sites on Christian schools and ministries.

Guest performer
Today we hear from Matt Doeland from Port Macquarie. Matt is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and speaker with a heart to share God's amazing love. 

Keith's reflection
Today the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Psalm 25, which is written by someone earnestly seeking God's presence and guidance. He asserts his trust in God and his focus is on God, even though he himself is uncertain of the way forward. While we are often unsure in our decision-making, we are reminded that God gives us new doors and opportunities, and that when we have confidence in God, we will be satisfied as we seek to serve Him.