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Food and Christmas

22 November 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

As we begin to enter Advent, in this episode of Wesley Impact! TV we explore the importance of food in helping celebrate the whole season and Christmas, as we talk to Kim Wilkinson, we learn about the support provided to parents at the Wesley Mission playgroup at Woodcroft, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks from John 18.

Wesley Family – Woodcroft playgroup

Through our child and family work, Wesley Mission provides many opportunities for parents and children to connect with others in their local area. At Woodcroft in Sydney’s north-western suburbs, a simple playgroup in a community neighbourhood centre is proving to be much more than just a playgroup. We meet two mothers who tell us of their experience and what it has meant to them to be part of this special group.

Special guest: Kim Wilkinson

The Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with food critic Kim Wilkinson, who is passionate about food, about people and experiences, on what it means to her to share a meal with family and friends in the lead up to Christmas. She also speaks about how her faith has guided her to do what she loves.

Guest performer: Jo Peacock

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Jo Peacock who sings, Do You Hear What I Hear?

Keith’s reflection: Jesus Christ before Pilate

In the Bible, Jesus often shared a meal with people who he sought to connect with and minister to. From Zacchaeus to the feeding of 5,000, and from the Last Supper to the breakfast by the Sea of Galilee with his disciples, Jesus shows us that food is an important part of his ministry. The Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks from John 18, a powerful account of Jesus Christ before Pilate.