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13 September 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV we begin an insightful and uplifting three part look at Wesley Mission’s foster care service, we hear from Wesley Dalmar’s General Manager Nigel Lindsay and we continue our series on New Testament characters by considering the life of Dorcas.

The history of Wesley Dalmar

This week begins a two-part look at the history of Wesley Mission’s foster care service, Wesley Dalmar. This first part considers the origins of Wesley Dalmar and its legacy of over 120 years of working with children.

Nigel Lindsay on foster care

Our guest today is Nigel Lindsay, the General Manager of Wesley Dalmar. He talks to the Rev Dr Keith Garner about the tremendous work Wesley Dalmar does and the challenges foster families and children face. As he discusses the experiences and practicalities of foster care, we are left with a sense of the power foster care has to transform the lives of children in need.

Guest performer

This week our guest performer is Emily Rex singing the powerful song of faith, ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. 

Keith’s reflection on the life of Dorcas

Continuing our examination of characters in the New Testament, the Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at the story of Dorcas in Acts 9:36-43, which details how Peter brought Dorcas back to life after she passed away. What we find is that Dorcas is restored to a life of great usefulness and practicality. We are told about her being a person who served others and there is much we can learn about her existence. God brought healing to her, raising her back to life to help those in extreme need. In reflecting on Dorcas, we too can remember that life is a gift bestowed by God for a purpose and each of us can use this gift for the good of others.