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Great South Land

14 September 2014 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Dr  Graham McLennan and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Romans. 

Graham's story
Dr Graham McLennan, from the Christian History Institute of Australia, joins us on the show today, sharing his extensive knowledge and fascinating insights about the history of Australia, how the country got its name and some of the great pioneering figures who helped to establish Christianity in Australia in the colonial years and beyond. He talks about those who risked their lives—and those of their families—in trying to establish churches and Christian communities across the awe-inspiring Great South Land.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Congregational Life
Wesley Mission offers pastoral care to people in the community who need anything from spiritual guidance to a friendly ear to listen. We meet Andrew Chin, one of our inspiring pastors, who encourages young congregation members to honour and serve God. We also talk to Gail Kilby, one of Wesley Mission's Chaplains who provides emotional and spiritual support to older people in the community through Wesley Help at Home Services.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith continues exploring the Apostle Paul's epistle to the Romans, looking at chapter 14 and the subject of dealing with conflict. We look at how this passage reminds us that the root of conflict is in power inbalance and the unhelpful way this plays out in relationships. We see how Paul outlines a helpful attitude that can help prevent conflict in our lives.

Guest performers
Today we are privileged to welcome Wesley Impact! TV's talented singer and worship leader Deborah Ezzy, joined by our Musical Director, Graig Gower. We also welcome Australian band Sons of Korah, who are devoted to giving a fresh voice to the biblical psalms. With their unique acoustic, multi-ethnic sound, Sons of Korah have given this biblical songbook a dynamic and emotive new musical expression.