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Life after graffiti

2 November 2014 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Peter Noble and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores 1 Thessalonians.

Peter's story
Peter Noble shares how his life has changed since he was arrested at 19 years of age on 27 charges of graffiti vandalism. Through the witness of a Christian friend who invited him to church, Peter committed his life to Christ shortly after his arrest. Having served his sentence of community service, he enlisted in the army and after five years, felt called to be an army chaplain. His interest in hip hop has moved from graffiti to rap, and he is continuing his ministry as hip hop rap artist Nobee One as he trains at theological college. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Youth Services Newcastle
Today we hear the story of Elisha, who at the age of eight was sleeping in a bus shelter. Wanting to escape from the abuse and alcoholism in her home environment, Elisha stayed with different relatives, and also on the streets until she was admitted to hospital with depression. She later visited Wesley Youth Services Newcastle, where she found assistance, hope, happiness and support and is now planning to go to TAFE. 

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13 and explores Paul’s desire not to be a burden to the church, and to nurture them, leading by example as well as by preaching the gospel and being the role model a parent often is to a child. We too can come alongside others and make a difference as Paul did.

Guest performers
Today we hear from Brisbane-based band Sapphire, who are passionate about writing songs inspired by Jesus Christ that reach a generation. Through their music they inspire people to live a life more abundant and free. We also hear from talented Australian artist Leigh Cunningham. Leigh has gone from humble beginnings as a singer to creating his own successful band.