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27 April 2014 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Chief Commissioner Ken Matthews and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores 1 Peter.

Ken's story
Today we welcome Chief Commissioner Ken Matthews from Everyman's Welfare Service to the show. Everyman's Welfare Service is made up of members of the Australian Defence Forces who are passionate about sharing the love of God with their fellow force members. They have a unique role, ministering to the various needs that people in the Australian Defence Forces face. Ken shares how Everyman's Welfare Service has established trust and how their colleagues know that they are there to listen, to support and to share God's love and good news.   

Wesley Mission storyWesley Congregational Life
Wesley Mission offers pastoral care to people in the community who need anything from spiritual guidance to a friendly ear to listen. We meet Andrew Chin, one of our inspiring ministers, who encourages young congregation members to honour and serve God. We also talk to Gail Kirby, one of Wesley Mission's chaplains who provides emotional and spiritual support to older people in the community through Wesley Help at Home Services.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner begins a new series today from 1 Peter entitled, 'A new start'. Keith explores the concept of God's gift of eternal life, described in 1 Peter as a permanent inheritance. This gift is for those who choose to accept it and God promises that it cannot be taken away or destroyed by anything on earth.

Guest performers
Today on the show we are joined by celebrated choral group, The Cathedral Singers. This remarkable choir, based in Sydney, offer a wide ranging repertoire that spans many years of church choral life and we are privileged to hear from them today. We also hear from one of Wesley Impact! TV's well loved guests, Liz Cole.  Liz's remarkable gift for music is well beyond her young years, combining musical talent with poetic lyrics.