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Remembering our origins

22 May 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week we take a look at the life of the Reverend Samuel Leigh, listen to Craig Gower sing the beautiful hymn, Abide With Me, and continue our look at the Gospel of John by remembering the important role the Holy Spirit plays in leading believers to truth.

Australia's first Methodist Minister: Samuel Leigh

Today we view an extended section from a documentary Wesley Mission produced to commemorate the arrival of the first Methodist minister to Australia, Reverend Samuel Leigh, in 1815. Rev Samuel Leigh arrived in Australia with few resources and much work to do. With faith and tenacity his impact and the impact of Methodism grew into a part of the story of Wesley Mission and modern Australia itself.

Guest Performer: Craig Gower

Craig Gower joins us, as he does each week, to sing the reflective hymn, Abide with Me.

Keith’s Message: The Messenger of Truth

The Rev Dr Keith Garner continues our series on the Gospel of John by looking at John 16:12-15. In this reading Jesus makes the great promise of the Holy Spirit who will reveal all things in due course to His disciples and all Christians. This week we are reminded that the Holy Spirit is a vital person of the Trinity, a witness and a messenger of the truth which empowers all believers to accomplish the work of God.