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The importance of rest

4 October 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we look at the positive impact of Christian camps on individuals and groups by hearing of the work of Wesley Vision Valley and speaking to Ken Pullen of the Christian Venues Association. We also continue our study of New Testament lives with a look at Mary Magdalene.

Wesley Vision Valley

Wesley Vision Valley is a place where people can seek rest, retreat and a reaffirmation of their faith. In this program we hear how Wesley Vision Valley hosts church, school and community camps, as well as running outreach programs like Operation Hope. We also hear from Sinade, a Wesley Mission client, whose experience at Wesley Vision Valley’s Operation Hope program helped her overcome bullying.

The impact of camping

In this episode the Rev Dr Keith Garner talks to Ken Pullen, from the Christian Venues Association, about the importance of retreats to Christian campsites. We hear about the value of camping experiences, which provide unique opportunities for churches and individuals to get away from daily pressures and deepen their relationship with each other and God. Ken Pullen discusses how camping becomes a part of how many churches grow and deepen their faith, making vital commitments to Jesus Christ and ministry in these moments of rest and retreat.  

Guest performer

Our guest performer this week is the joyful and talented Lucy Fisher, singing the upbeat song, Every Praise.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Mary Magdalene

In this episode, the Rev Dr Keith Garner examines the lessons found in the life of Mary Magdalene. Our reading comes from Luke 8:1-3,where we hear of Mary Magdalene being one of many women who were with Jesus and the disciples. We are told that her past was filled with many challenges and difficulties, and yet her life was transformed to the point where she was one of the first to see Jesus after his resurrection. In the life of Mary we learn that nobody is beyond the reach of God; we can all be changed, transformed and remade, and we too can become the vessels through which God spreads the message of Jesus.