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The pathway of duty

2 October 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we talk to Paul Procter, who heads up our work in Newcastle. We’ll also be joined by Sancha Prowse who will sing ‘I Stand Amazed In Your Presence’.

The Rev Keith Garner discusses Luke’s Gospel, in particular the use of the words – ‘faith’ and ‘duty’. These words are both essential to exercising a faithful filled life.

Elisha's story: Building confidence and life skills

Imagine experiencing your first taste of homelessness at the age of eight. Elisha shares her story about the struggles of couch surfing and rough sleeping at a bus stop.

Special guest: Paul Procter

We talk with Paul Procter, who oversees our work in Newcastle, which includes 27 services, 52 staff and 120 volunteers working to help decrease the number of homelessness in the area. With the NSW Premier’s goals for youth homelessness in mind, Wesley Mission Newcastle hopes to provide all-round support. The Wesley Oasis centre does this through a range of services and activities including offering breakfast, showers and laundries services for people experiencing homelessness.

Guest performer: Sancha Prowse

We welcome back a regular to Wesley Impact, Sancha Prowse. She sings ‘I Stand Amazed in the Presence’.

Keith’s message: Increase our faith

Rev Keith Garner focuses on two aspects from this week’s reading of Luke’s Gospel.

First, he discusses the Lord’s big demand, which see the disciples trying to measure up and increase their faith. Jesus tells them it is not the size of their faith that matters, but what they do with it.

And finally, we discuss keeping our allegiance to God and all that flows from it; we are not expecting recognition or thanks, but are responding to God’s love and grace.