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The Wesley Urban Mission experience

15 November 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet two young adults, Summer Zhu and Marty Cornford who took part in a Wesley Mission outreach program in the centre of Sydney called ‘Wesley Urban Mission’ and the Rev Dr Keith Garner shares a message from Mark 13.

Wesley Urban Mission

At Wesley Mission, we run a number of programs to benefit our community. This week we take a look at Wesley Urban Mission, a program that brings young people from across New South Wales together and allows them to engage with their local community. From our basecamp on Cockatoo Island, these young adults work alongside people in need and discover what it means to live life with Christ-like servanthood.

Special guests: Summer Zhu and Marty Cornford

Summer Zhu and Marty Cornford served as missionaries in our first ever youth initiative, Wesley Urban Mission. The Rev Dr Keith Garners talks to them about their experience and how being a part of this mission has impacted their life.

Guest performers: Jim and Alex Paterson

Our talented guest performers this week are Jim and Alex Paterson from The Borderers, singing, What the Lord Has Done in Me.

 Keith’s reflection - End of time, Mark 13

In this episode, the Rev Dr Keith Garner shares a very unique chapter in the gospels, Mark 13. It looks to the end of time. It begins with a lesson from the temple. The disciples observed the beauty and grandeur of the temple. Jesus’ response to them is that it will become a pile of rubble. Then the words of Jesus are “These are the beginnings of birth pains”. There are a number of ways of reading this passage: as a prediction or as a description, or as perhaps both.