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Walk alongside the forgotten

21 December 2014 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Pastor Mick Duncan and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Luke.

Mick's story
Mick Duncan, Pastor of Manurewa Baptist Church, Auckland shares how the pain of his parents’ divorce led to him to the world of drug dealing as a young adult. He then tells how an encounter with the Bible in the moment he was fleeing police revealed that he needed to change and respond to God’s love. He shares his passion for encouraging people to walk alongside those who are outcast and alone, and explains how  helpful it was when someone did this for him. He also shares how he was able to walk alongside a man whose journey led him from living on the streets to being a pastor who is now serving others.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Youth Services Newcastle
Today we hear the story of Elisha, who at the age of eight was sleeping in a bus shelter. Wanting to escape from the abuse and alcoholism in her home environment, Elisha stayed with different relatives, and also on the streets until she was admitted to hospital with depression. She later visited Wesley Youth Services Newcastle, where she found assistance, hope, happiness and support and is now planning to go to TAFE.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner continues his exploration of the theme of Advent through Luke. We consider how God used Mary, a young woman, to be the voice of one of the great revolutionary songs of all time. Her words speak to us about God's gracious and loving provision for the needs of the world through his Son Jesus Christ.

Guest performers
We are joined by Wesley Impact! TV's talented singer and worship leader Deborah Ezzy, who has been backing vocalist for the Wesley Impact! TV band since it began.  We also hear from talented performer Steve McPherson. Steve is the CEO of Hillsong Music Publishing in Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience as a performer, producer, songwriter and publisher.