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Walking together through early onset dementia

23 August 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we hear about AMP Foundation Chairman Richard Grellman's journey when his wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia, and the Rev Keith Garner explores the Psalms.

Wesley Family Centre

We take a look at Wesley Family Centre, Quakers Hill, which runs activities for children and parents. The different programs at the centre help parents to connect with their children and with other parents in their local community, and help children with development. Parenting programs at the centre give parents the opportunity to develop general parenting skills, as well as emotional intelligence and skills in behaviour management. Sridevi and Prasngi share how the centre has helped their children overcome challenges, make new friends, and have a cost-free and safe environment to play in.

Richard Grellman shares insights from his career as an executive

Today we hear the second part of AMP Foundation Chairman Richard Grellman's story as he shares the journey he and his wife Suellen have had after she was diagnosed with early onset dementia five years ago. At just 64 years of age, she is now in full-time care. Richard reflects on the opportunity he and Suellen had to enjoy time as a couple with their children and grandchildren before Suellen's condition worsened, and how his faith has sustained him with strength to endure, and a willingness to accept that these trials are part of a bigger purpose and picture than they are currently able to see. 

Guest performer

Today we hear from Erica Crocker. Erica has many years of experience leading worship at Hillsong Church, and shares her passion for the message of Christ in song.

Keith's reflection

The Rev Keith Garner opens Psalm 16 today to reflect on the testimony the psalmist gives of how God has been with him in challenging times, to the extent that he was able to rejoice and be secure even in the most difficult of circumstances. While we know that we too will face trials, we can learn from the psalmist's assurance and have confidence in God in our present situation and for the future. This encourages us to cast every burden on God, knowing he is with us at all times.