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Weathering the storm of financial hardship

26 July 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV Gloria Taylor shares her story of survival through financial stress and the Rev Keith Garner explores the Gospel of Matthew.

The Wesley Report—Facing financial stress
Today we hear more about Wesley Mission's holistic care for those in personal crisis. Each year, Lifeline continues to help thousands of people in distress or considering suicide, through the dedication of 11,000 volunteers. This important work has spread to include services for those needing financial counselling and support to deal with gambling addiction. Wesley LifeForce has also been established to help people contemplating taking their life, and to support those who have lost loved ones through suicide. 

Gloria Taylor on coping with financial stress
Gloria Taylor relates how financial stress hit when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and they both had to give up their jobs. Left with credit card debt she was struggling to repay, Gloria explains how the pressure put on her by constant contact from creditors, and the need to rely on her daughter to get by financially took an enormous toll on her. She shares how her Christian faith has endured through it all, and urges people to repay their debts while they can.

Guest performer
Today we welcome Erica Crocker to the Wesley Impact! TV stage. Erica has many years of experience leading worship at Hillsong Church, and shares her passion for the message of Christ in song.

Keith's reflection
As the Rev Keith Garner explores more of the Sermon on the Mount continues, he touches on the idea of anxiety and worry, a very real struggle for many. Today we are warned not to be overwhelmed by worry about the things of this world, as it does not help us in our lives. Through illustrations using birds and flowers, Christ explained that we must make Him our ultimate priority as we trust God for all other things. In this way the kingdom of God turns our values upside down.