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Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: Introducing Rev Stu Cameron

Join Wesley Mission’s CEO and Superintendent Rev Stu Cameron as he launches the latest series of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron. Each 30-minute episode features a unique 10-minute topical documentary, candid interview and closes with a hope-filled sermon.

“I meet a lot of people in my role, and I’m blessed to hear their stories,” says Stu. “Many begin with heartbreaking circumstances, and for the people we have the privilege to journey with and offer support, they can end in just the most amazing transformations. They are the kinds of stories that fuel your faith, and you can’t help but acknowledge that God is good, even when life is not.”

In this episode, Stu takes us behind the scenes to show the positive impact Wesley Mission’s programs are having on lives and communities.

Stu then interviews Danny and Leila Abdallah, who share how through God, they found a pathway to forgiveness after losing three of their children and niece in a devastating car crash.

Lastly, Stu shares an inspiring message about what is means to live out Wesley Mission’s Word and deed mission.

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